What's new in Version 2017.01
Jun 1, 2017

  • Version: 
    • This release is available in two formats, one for use with CaseWare Working Papers 2016 (the current version) and one for use with CaseWare Working Papers 2015.
    • This release includes CPA Canada Public Practice Manual (“CPA-PPM”) revisions up to and including the November 2016 CPA-PPM updates.
  • Revisions:
    • All templates:
      • Financial Statements: Prevented the line “Contingent Liability” showing on the Balance Statement when there is no number associated with it.
      • Management Letter: Added a paragraph for tax payments and instalments if in more than one jurisdiction.
      • Client Profile: “Bookkeeper” cell added to easily distinguish between internally and externally bookkept clients. Also added cell for the name of the bookkeeper.
      • Representation Letter: Updated to automatically show the paragraph relating to uncorrected financial statement misstatements when “Unrecorded Journal Entries” (3E.11) is signed off as prepared.
      • Summary of unadjusted misstatements - Number changed from 3G.11 to 3E.10
      • Unrecorded journal entries - Number changed from 3G.12 to 3E.11
    • Audit – CAS template: Revised checklists per November 2016 CPA-PPM updates.
    • Review – ASPE & ASNPO templates – Revised checklists per November 2016 CPA-PPM updates.
    • New documents:
      • Property, plant and equipment schedule (U.2): – New document that consolidates asset lists, cost, amortization and net book value into one worksheet. Can be used with both straight line and declining balance amortization methods. Also includes salvage values and gains/losses.
      • Intangible asset schedule (V.5): – Same as U.2 but for intangible assets. 
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