What's new in Version 2006.01
Jan 1, 2006

  • Version: 
    • This release includes two file sets, one for use with CaseWare Working Papers 2004, and one for use with CaseWare Working Papers 2005. Template features are identical in each file set.
  • Checklists: 
    • All the audit programs, disclosure checklists, review checklists, and compilation checklists are now current up to the November 2005 release of the CGA Canada Public Practice Manual.
  • Financial statements: 
    • Added new option to note describing differential reporting options.
    • Added callable debt qualification to Review Engagement Report.
    • Added customizable independence paragraph to Notice to Reader.
    • Enhanced the library of notes.
    • Moved some options to the File Profile to simplify client set up procedure.
    • Improved the functionality of some options.
  • Client letters: 
    • All engagement/representation/management letters now include the disclosures in sample letters in the November 2005 release of the CGA Canada Public Practice Manual.
    • Enhanced optional features in the letters.
    • Enhanced management bonus reporting in management letter.
    • Improved printing issues.
    • Added new reporting option to differential reporting option letters.
  • Client profile WP: 
    • Added new differential reporting option.
    • Enhanced some options.
  • Sales taxes WPs: 
    • Enhanced some options and improved a printing issue.
  • WCB WP: 
    • Added reasonableness conclusion.
  • Dividend WP’s: 
    • Added “jump” buttons to facilitate usage.
    • Enhanced options for dividend resolution.
  • Management bonus WP: 
    • Enhanced resolutions and calculations.
  • File Profile: 
    • Updated version information.
    • Added several settings previously set in the financial statements or engagement letter.
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