What's new in Version 2004.03
Aug 1, 2005

  • Checklists: 
    • All the audit programs, disclosure checklists, review checklists, and compilation checklists are now current up to the May 2005 release of the CGA Canada Public Practice Manual.
    • All review and compilation checklists are now set to “Checklist format 1‛. (This can be changed by the user if desired.)
    • The CGA PPM index number now appears on the document index when a document is a CGA checklist or document.
  • Financial statements: 
    • Added “Update‛ button.
    • Adjusted and fixed various items, including:
      • Title of Statement of Retained Earnings;
      • Line spacing on balance sheet and income statement;
      • Date headers on partnership and NPO equity statements;
      • Problems encountered when changing the order of the statements have been fixed;
      • Footnote referring to the notes will now suppress when notes are turned off.
  • Client letters: 
    • All engagement/representation/management letters now include the disclosures in sample letters in the May 2005 release of the CGA Canada Public Practice Manual.
    • New independence letter added.
    • Management letter is now context sensitive for plural/singular.
    • Some enhancements added.
  • CaseView documents: 
    • Changed “Update‛ feature in all documents to prompt user to confirm whether data should be retained. Added instructions for use of “Update‛ button.
  • Materiality WP:
    • Revised.
  • Income taxes WP: 
    • Fixed calculations for refundable taxes.
  • Future taxes WP’s: 
    • Suppressed printing of detailed calculations for unused financial statement categories.
  • Declining balance factor table: 
    • Added new column for 45% rate.
  • File Profile: 
    • Updated version, contact information, and instructions.
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